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"Yenah, Tirnamael" is a project of online "game of life", combining management, strategy, farming and role-play.

Yenah is the name of the « game universe in extenso » (i.e. all places and all ages). Tirnamael is the name of a planet of this universe on which action takes place in the current server.

In this universe your « avatar » is a spirit, immortal, unchangeable et unalterable. A spirit who can interact with material trough living things. This interface, which can be assimilated to a brain, is mandatory, and allows spirits to control livings things and by extension (indirectly thus) inert matter. Each spirit can progress in the domain of « influence » improving in this way the control of his embodied creatures. Experience in influence is acquired by interacting with material world through incarnations.

In the material plan, at least on Tirnamael, creatures possesses more or less developed meninx according to their evolution. It goes from simplest neurons cluster which permit for example to influence only a simple move, to the most complex brains which offer to the spirit self-consciousness, for creatures that could be by misuse of language be named humanoids.

The planet Tirnamael starts at time zero of « suggestible » life evolution, with the last common ancestor. This organism feeds automatically of it's environment and can only reproduce by division.

Everything else, all other organisms et possible creatures, other reproduction modes,objects, buildings, technologies, crafts, and so on, have to be « obtained » by the players with these basic blocks at their disposal, by the way of the influence of the spirit they play on the creatures they will be able to control.

All the creatures that are not at some point controlled by a spirit (a player) attend to automatically busy themselves and mainly take up for their subsistence.

Richness of the universe : the search of a systemic gameplay

Each creature possess a genome which determines it's capacities et incidentally it's needs. The possible characteristics and the law that rule the world have to be discovered by the players during their experimentations et exploration of the planet.

The evolution of species approximatively follows a « Darwinian » logic. The creatures have to feed to survive et can reproduce. There are two possible mode of reproduction : autogamy (scission), allogamy (cross-breeding), and each trial can lead to mutations (especially to get out of initial self-fertilization of the initial creatures). This allows to perpetuate or to diversify to will the more interesting creatures, or to aim a precise goal thanks to cross-breedings. In absence of external influence by players, it is natural selection that governs the evolution through the artificial intelligence of the creatures.

The Planet Tirnamael possesses characteristics close to those from the Earth (to simplify learning and interacting for the players), with a night/day cycle, seasons influencing temperature and pluviometery.

The result of an action is insofar as possible the effect of a « source » on the target components, obeying the physical laws of the universe. It allows to have an effect for each action and each target, without defining them hard-coded. If one wants to get off the beaten track, to make an uncommon action, even crazy, it can lead to more or less successful effects if not funny.

Realism of the universe

It is not at all a « style » realism, like 3D real time, but the quest for a realism « of the content », a systems theory study of evolution in a simplified game of life.

The planet is cocooned, and follows only the evolution of yenah's physical laws. There is no perceptible creation or disappearance of avatars in the game, the creatures are born and die independently from players presence. The only influence that players have is indirect, by the quality and the duration of control of the creatures. On a controlled creature death, you loose all that is material : it's body, it's possessions, and so on... only remaining is the experience of the living.

It is not possible to affect directly characteristics nor distribute « non specialized » experience gathered to the creatures or to an avatar. One do only progress in trained domain : no « level », no global experience points.

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