Hi !

Welcome to yenah, a project of online "game of life", combining management, strategy, farming and role-play.

Tirnamael, the starting planet, possess a persistent ecosystem in a closed circuit. Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. This evolution is mostly automatic, the ecosystem has it's proper cycles and it's interaction networks (trophic relations, genetic evolution of species...) and it progresses following evolutionary theory principles, since apparition of the first life. The player embodies a spirit capable to influence psychologically (thus only indirectly) the creatures of the planet.

To assist more evolved creatures, create or discover technologies, spirits (a.k.a. players) can only act by way of the controlled creatures, helping them to survive, and encouraging them to breed, explore, discover, invent...

I'd like to learn more about the universe of yenah

I wish to play !